Pawel Zak

Studied social sciences on the University of Warsaw

Graduate of the Multimedia Communication Faculty of the Poznan Academy of Fine Arts.
Teaching photography at the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Warsaw, and ZPAF Warsaw School of Photography.
Member of Association of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF)
Laureate of, amongst others, Prix de la Lumierre at European Photography Contest- Vevey, Switzerland 1998.

In In his work, two trends can be distinguished: staged photography with strong symbolic meaning, and compositionally minimal studies of nature - most often plants, fruits, sometimes landscapes. Many of his works are created using unusual copying techniques resulting in unique prints.

Most important series of works:

Since 1994 he participated in several dozens of collective exhibitions, dozens of individual exhibitions at home and abroad, including the Arles festival in 2004.

His works are in public collections:

Represented by 6x7 Leica Gallery Warsaw.

Selected indyvidual exhibitions:

Selected group exhibitions: